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Month: July 2020

School Supply Lists and An Update!

Hello Starkweather families!

A lot has happened over the past week, and we wanted to make sure we keep you up to date! Our school’s Health and Safety Plan was approved by Lake Region District Health on Friday, July 24th. Next, it has to be approved by our school board. Once that step is completed, we will schedule separate staff and family informational meetings. The Health and Safety Plan will be distributed to everyone beforehand (sent through Snail Mail, and posted on the school’s website and Facebook group), so you will have time to look it over carefully and make note of any questions or concerns you may have.

I know many of you have questions or concerns already, so I would like to share a couple of key points in the plan *as of right now*:

  1. The plan is a living document. It can (and probably will) change quickly and without much notice. We all know how fast things change in the World of Covid. Many times, us as teachers and administrators are hearing about those changes at the same time everyone else is! We will use our Instant Alert system, as well as the school’s website and Facebook group to get information out to you as soon as we can. Please make sure we have your most current contact information at all times, so that you don’t miss anything!
  2. We are aiming for regular in-person school at this time, with the same start date of Wednesday, August 19th (our 2020-2021 school calendar is available for download as well). That being said, we will all need to be prepared to switch to distance learning quickly if conditions change. We will stick with the same platforms as we used this spring; ClassDojo for grades PreK-4 and Microsoft Teams for grades 5-12.
  3. There will not be a Back to School Night this year.
  4. Masks will be required for all staff and students riding the bus, but that’s it. If you personally feel more comfortable having your child wear a mask throughout the day, you are more than welcome to do so, but please make sure that the school is aware of that. We will not be providing masks to staff or students.

Attached to this post are welcome letters and supply lists. These will also be going out in the mail for elementary students.

I hope this helps with at least some of the questions and uncertainty you may have. Remember, if you have questions about what’s going on at the school, the best person to ask is someone who works at the school! =)
1st/2nd Grade
3rd/4th Grade
5th/6th Grade
7th-12 Grade
Welcome from our new Science teacher!
Starkweather School Calendar, 2020-2021

ND K-12 Smart Restart

The North Dakota Department of Health, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, and the North Dakota Governor’s Office have issued the North Dakota K-12 Smart Restart Guidance for the 2020-2021 school year. Together with our local public health unit and school board, we will be working to meet these expectations by updating our existing Distance Learning Plan, as well as developing a Health and Safety Plan. Both plans will serve as a compass of sorts, to help us navigate through the uncertainty of educating our students during a pandemic. Once these plans are approved by our school board, they will be published both in our Facebook group as well as our school‘s website. While it’s an incredibly overwhelming process, we are anxious and eager to begin developing a plan that will allow us to get our kiddos and teachers back into our classrooms where they belong! If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out!